fiber optics

Big Pimpin’
Carbon fibre standing rigging is fast becoming commonplace, not just with grand prix-level designs, but also among the world’s ocean record-breakers and increasingly superyachts as well. Advantages in strength, light weight and increased performance are merging now with improved longevity and reliability and therefore long term costs.
As a manufacturer of both solid and bundled carbon rigging, Future Fibres are always diligent in making sure that customers are best informed on the correct choice to match their particular balance of performance and reliability. Future Fibres’ ECsix continues to offer the best-proven and most durable composite shroud solution. With use across an enormous variety of platforms, widespread acceptance of ECsix has made it today’s de facto choice in carbon rigging. Over 10 years there has not been a single ECsix failure due to age, wear or sailing conditions…
It is the fundamental technology of ECsix that makes it an excellent choice in most applications: Read on.