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Big Pimpin’
When the closest sail loft is a thousand miles away and you are in an area known for quickly changing conditions, Alaska for example, you know that you have to have complete faith in your equipment, including your sails. That’s why our brand new Brand Ambassador has been buying sails from Great Circle Sails for well over a decade. Since launching their expedition yacht Seal in 2004, Kate and Hamish Laird and their two daughters have logged over 75,000 nautical miles through some of the harshest and unrelenting conditions on the open ocean. Along the way they have rounded Cape Horn and traveled to Antarctica.
These days they call Alaska home and run the very successful high latitude charter operation Expedition Sail. We are thrilled that they have agreed to become our Brand Ambassador as a way to illustrate the high quality and durability of Great Circle Sails. To celebrate we are offering 15% off all our sails through the end of September. Just use the promo code Seal when asking for a quote which you can do so here.