vor breaking

do as i say, not as i do

As one of the loudest supporters of the Volvo Ocean Race’s continuing effort to get more women aboard the world’s leading crewed ocean race,  we’re extremely happy to see long-time SA contributor Jen Edney on the Volvo Ocean Race’s OBR squad.  But as you’ll see from the above shot, Mark Turner’s media team has completely failed at getting even a modicum of gender parity to the On-Board Reporter job.
What makes it even more odd is the frequency with which the VOR mentions the ‘10,000 ultra-highly qualified applications’ they received for the job. We ask Mark Turner directly: Does this mean that there was only 1 woman out of 10,000 qualified to do the job?  And why do you bother pushing the teams towards bringing female sailors aboard when you can’t even do the same thing for your own OBR crew?