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cup gossip

You’d think with the America’s Cup over and weeks left before we get any news on the new protocol, the AC world would be quiet.  Think again!  Here are a few bits of info:
*ETNZ boss Grant Dalton survived a 110 mph motorcycle crash at the infamously dangerous Isle of Man TT, and not only was he unhurt, but he jumped back on the bike and kept going.  Grant Dalton definitely does not need to harden the fuck up.  There’s more about Dalts’ motor racing obsession in this piece in Stuff.
*About a thousand students honored Pete Burling with an awesome haka when he returned home to Tauranga last week.  If you have any illusions about the Kiwi passion for the Cup, watch and learn.
*Jimmy Spithill admitted to hiring private detectives and a Bulgarian thug to scare the piss out of a Kiwi internet troll after the 2013 Cup.  It’s part of the new Spithill biography that we discussed with author Rob Mundle in the SA Podcast earlier this summer.  Read about the episode in another Stuff piece.
*If you’re tired of printing out stolen web photos for your America’s Cup wall art, head over to trademe to get your hands on a 5-foot wide oil painting of ETNZ’s Bermuda victory.  It’s pretty pimp.
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