still sucking

It truly is astounding when people know they are doing a terrible job at something, but out of spite or anger or christ knows what, refuse to do a god damn thing about it. You may recall my critique of SWYC and their incredibly poor job at managing the Midwinter regatta and the SD -Ensenada race. They were so pissed (and when I say they, the word is that it is really only one person) that we dared to criticize them (this was after I offered to help them fix a few things, and was at first ignored and then completely blown off) that they fabricated something in order to “ban” me from all SWYC 2017 events.
Of course it is not only pure chickenshit, it is so far beneath the spirit of yacht club behavior that it is both pathetic and laughable.
So, with six weeks until the start of this year’s SD – Ensenada race, I thought I’d look at their website to see what they have going on. Surely they have at least privately discussed the annual decline in participants, disappearing sponsors, and zero buzz attached to this race after years of mismanagement?
Um, I’m fairly certain they seemingly have done nothing. I say fairly because they don’t even have the notice of race or SI’s available, the link to entry is dead, and no information on the race available at all. Is this how you attract early entries or any entries at all? There is a fair bit of paperwork and Coast Guard regs to get done for any race going into Mexico, yet, there is no way to even get the ball rolling. We won PHRF monohull overall last year on my Melges 32, and SWYC, with their arcance methods, scrambled and overly complicated “instructions”, made the entire paperwork entry process nearly as arduous as possible.
Oh yeah, and where is my Perpetual Trophy that they told me they “forgot” last year? Funny, they had every other class winner’s, just not mine. I’m sure it was just pure coincidence that they “forgot” mine. And the trophy that was handed to me and then ripped out of my hands? Some woman that I had never seen in my life, hissed at me that “It isn’t yours”.
And to show that there is no level of petty, and straight up childish behavior that they won’t sink to, they then scrubbed the entire 2016 SD – Ens results from their website. And it remains that way to this day. Probably in perpetuity, based on this incredibly douchey¬†move.
I am eagerly waiting for the entries in this year’s race to open up. It will be fun to report what they have or haven’t done to generate more entries.¬†Who knows – there just might be a surprise or two coming their way. – ed.