dolla dolla bills y'all

A good post and one we mostly agree with. We put up some of the new big boats not only as boat porn, but because many of them are cool as shit. We have historically not cheerlead, in fact are often critical of rich man racing. As for saying that we don’t cover the small boat scene, that just simply isn’t true. Hell, there are three stories on the front page this week alone.
Do we get to it all? No, and that is the reason why we encourage anarchists to send in content on interesting new or existing small boats. We’re the little guys too and have always been down with the community energy.

Really tired of seeing so much coverage of 1 percenters and their ego displays (sorry “racing”). The only people who can afford to campaign/own a J class (or even a pro TP52 team) are folks that have exploited the hell of the other 99% to the degree that they are in the disgustingly rich company of the robber barons of the 19th Century.
Instead of constantly cheerleading these disgusting displays of wealth accumulation and unrestrained egos, can we have more front page stories on the other end of the wealth spectrum. For example, there has been a huge renaissance in small boat building and sailing, but you wouldn’t know it from reading SA. Thanks.
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