white pride

UPDATE:  We admit to getting fired up after seeing an InfoWars sticker alongside a prominent display of support for the youth pathway to the olympics. We may have even gone off a little half-cocked,  and we apologize to the US Sailing Team for mistakenly calling them out as supporters of one of the most toxic scumbags in the the media today.  If you don’t know just how much of an animal Alex Jones and his Infowars site are, spend a few enjoyable minutes with Jon Oliver for the deets.
-The car above is NOT owned by any member of the US Sailing Team or US Sailing – athlete or staffer.  In fact the US Sailing Team’s Development Squad shown in the sticker was more of a PR exercise than anything useful and was disbanded not long after being created.  Stickers were awarded to a few mid-level performers at some Olympic class events, and some of them are still rocking them.  The sticker combination above may even be a troll, in which case, yeah – we bit.
-Most of the people on the US Sailing Team and working for US Sailing are far too educated or worldly to be supporters of something like Infowars.  We spoke to a number of USS and USST staffers who were horrified to be identified in that way. We’re sorry for that.
SUGGESTIONS: Vandalism is bad and we’d never condone it. Still, it would be hilarious if suddenly that Infowars sticker was found sporting a Black Lives Matter or #resist bumper sticker right next to it!