leave the driving to them

Big Pimpin’
Thanks to the R4 update to Raymarine’s Award-Winning Evolution line of autopilots, a sailor is allowed better understanding and responsiveness to the winds and waters around him than ever before. The R4 upgrade provides 9-axis gyro stabilization of wind and navigation data, and Evolution TrackIQ for tighter track-keeping, accuracy and responsiveness to sea & wind conditions.
At the heart of this Raymarine Autopilot System is the 9-axis EV sensor core. This sensor core intelligently monitors vessel motion in all three dimensions (yaw, pitch-and-roll and rate of turn) and adapts to changing sea conditions.
Now, with the R4, the role of the EV sensor core has been expanded with new algorithms to improve the accuracy of measuring wind conditions. With this improved awareness of wind angle and speeds, the autopilot delivers incredibly sharp and responsive steer-to-wind control, giving sailors the confidence to let the Evolution take over whenever needed. The Evolution will steer to a set wind angle, sail downwind, or close hauled without risk of gybing or heading up into the wind. It will detect and automatically respond to true wind shifts, preventing unnecessary trimming of sails.
The Evolution was created to “learn” your vessel’s steering characteristics, calibrating automatically over time without you having to adjust anything manually. As you navigate, this intelligent system continues to calibrate.
While some versions of the Raymarine Evolution Autopilot are for powerboats, the EV-100 Tiller, EV-100 Wheel, and EV-200 Linear Evolution systems are for tiller-drive, wheel-drive, and mechanical steering sailboats. These autopilot systems are available at Citimarine Store, or any other major marine accessories retailer.