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J/70 Women’s Keelboat Worlds Preview
There is a precise word to describe how we feel regarding your visit – honored.  Honored that you have chosen our little oasis as the venue for your prestigious championship. The peña that backs our club house and watches over the lake has witnessed four generations of friends become family.
From the days in the late 50´s when our grandparents sailed Lido fourteens, to the days in the 80´s and 90´s when our parents enthusiastically made sailors of us on the Optimists, sailing has been the core of our story of affection.  Out of it we have harvested many gifts, perhaps the most meaningful is the understanding of sportsmanship.
No matter how feisty a race might become, the victory has always been rejoicing over a petroleo* chased by a beer at the club bar. The “petroleo”- a traditional Mexican tequila-based cocktail, and staple at the club´s bar.
Another facet that has enhanced this tale has been the camaraderie developed among the sailors of the several clubs in Valle de Bravo. Thus, sailing has been the basis of our Valle community.
Once more, sailing is the basis of an even greater community that transcends borders with your visit. The passion that we all share for the telltales flying and the waves splashing creates an immediate connection of a brethren kind that we are certain you will feel as soon as we embrace you in a welcoming hug.
Your visit is very meaningful to us.  It will rejuvenate the sailor´s blood in our community and inspire us to pass on the joy of sailing to our children.  For this and much more, we are thankful.
My most heartfelt gratitude to the members and employees of our club, the J/70 class, the sponsors, and US Sailing for your generosity and support.  Please feel most welcome!”  The kind, welcoming words from Roberto “Pollo” Escalante, the Vice Commodore of Club de Vela La Peña and also the Chair of the 2017 IWKC in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.
The summer is Valle de Bravo´s rainy season.  A typical summer day begins with a sunny morning.  It develops the thermal breeze that comes in between 11 am and 12 pm.  Then the breeze holds until 3-4 pm, when the traditional afternoon shower comes in. Sometimes the rain comes in earlier, sometimes later, and sometimes it does not rain at all.  The temperature will range from low 60´s to mid 70´s. Very temperate.  However, as many J/24 and J/70 sailors will tell you, NEVER trust local weather forecasts, since there are no stations at Valle, forecasts are often wrong!
A very competitive contingent of women’s J/70 teams have assembled for the event.  Here are the individual team biographies:
American Teams:
– Team Despacito Senoritas- http://iwkc-2017-social.weebly.com/team-despacito-sentildeoritas.html
Vivien Allan is our main trimmer/tactician, Amy Clark is our jib/kite trimmer and Lindsay Benton is our bow gal.  Don’t be fooled by the direct translation of our team moniker Despacito (Slowly) Señoritas; instead, like us, it is inspired by the very popular, super fun, sassy, sexy, Spanish/English song Despacito by artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.
– Team BAAM!- http://iwkc-2017-social.weebly.com/team-baam.html
Allie Blecher, Beka Schiff, Molly Noble, and Ali Blumenthal
– Team Seattle- http://iwkc-2017-social.weebly.com/team-seattle.html
Kathryn Meyer, Ramona Barber, Melanie Edwards, Nikki Daniel
– Team Your “Mom”- http://iwkc-2017-social.weebly.com/team-your-mom.html
Team “Your Mom” is very excited to sail in the 2017 IKWC. All four of sailors grew up sailing on Lake Erie in Ohio. Liz Barker, Taylor Robinson, Megan Riddle, Audrey Sheehan
– TEAM ‘MER- http://iwkc-2017-social.weebly.com/teamacutemer.html
Megan Ploch (skipper), Erin Dubinski (main), Alix Hahn (tactics/jib), Carolyn Russell (kite trim and bow), representing American Yacht Club in Rye, NY,
– Team Scooter- http://iwkc-2017-social.weebly.com/team-scooter.html
Liz Hjorth, Stine Cacavas, Karyn Jones, and (inset) Jennifer Arrington
– Team CJ Racing- http://iwkc-2017-social.weebly.com/team-cj-racing.html
Team CJ Racing is comprised of Emily Maxwell, Elizabeth Dudley, Avery Field and Katy Nastro. Emily and Avery are cousins and grew up competing against one another in Optimists
– Team SDYC- http://iwkc-2017-social.weebly.com/team-sdyc.html
The team is made up of San Diego Yacht Club sailors – Giselle Camet Nyenhuis, Betty Sherman, Stacey Szabo, and Alexa Cavalieri.
Mexican Teams:
– Team Racing Comadres- http://iwkc-2017-social.weebly.com/team-racing-comadres.html
Eliane Fierro, Margarita Pazos, Caty Pi-Suñer, Valeria Pi-Suñer
– Team Chiquitas Pero Picosas- http://iwkc-2017-social.weebly.com/team-chiquitas-pero-picosas.html
The Flores sisters (Manuela, Casilda, & Camila) and the Sole sisters (Ana Clare & Sophia)
The Valle de Bravo “Weather Report” on YouTube:
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