it is fine

Brian Hancock, SA’s resident grumpyguts, is at it again, desperate to exhibit his ignorance and prejudices in this article. Not long ago he was praising the late Alan Bond of Australia II fame without making any mention of Bond’s time in jail for ripping off millions from his defenceless mum-and-dad shareholders, money they will never recover. Now he wants to death-ride David Witt, skipper of the Sun Hun Kai Scallywag entry in the Volvo Race for having the temerity to express an opinion about mixed-gender crews.
Witt is what we Australians call “fair dinkum” – a forthright bloke who doesn’t hide behind glib phrases or pretend to support every new outbreak of political correctness. He has decided to contest the Volvo with an all-male crew. It was a tactical decision and the rules allow it. Witt’s crime, according to Hancock, is to have been honest enough to give his reasons in public. Just for that, Hancock says he will be “happy” if Sun Hun Kai Scallywag does poorly in the race. Nice sportsmanship, Brian.
As to his bleat about the use of the word “hero” in relation to Peter Burling (as in “New Zealand sailing hero…”), I can only conclude that Hancock views the world from a very USA-centric standpoint. Be assured that in the eyes of most New Zealanders, Burling is indeed a hero. The dictionary meanings of the word include: “A man admired and venerated for his achievements”. Burling is certainly that.
In any case, words do not have single, or fixed, meanings. They evolve. Take the simple word “prick”. Originally it signified to puncture with a sharp object. Then it was used as a term for the male appendage. More recently a “prick” is a tiresome and negative person. I’m sure Hancock is aware of all three meanings, especially the last.
Anarchist David