SA approved!

UPDATE: This post has garnered some unhappiness from women who have called me misogynist, sexist, crude, a purveyor of porn, am denigrating  of all women, a neanderthal, insensitive, and a jerk. And those are just the nice ones. It would seem that some just don’t quite get the intended humor. Oh well. If there has been one theme that runs through many, if not most complaints, it is the “Where is the naked man?” question. That is a good question, and one that I have answered below (I can’t believe I didn’t think of this). Don’t say I’m not responsive!
We got a hold of some renderings of a vaporware cruiser  and we thought we’d apply an addition to this interior shot.  We think this would be a fine thing to add to the options list, and suspect there would be a spike in orders!
Having said that, we don’t want to be sexist, so for all you fine ladies who would rather choose the Male Option, please click here and take your pick. Additional charges to your original purchase will be included. Local and state taxes will apply.
This could also fall under the “This Never Happens To Us” category… There is a discussion thread