the dad report

Our friend Zack Downing is at the Moth Worlds in Italy, and his dad John sent us what Zack told him! Ever the innovators – haha!

“It’s never like this around here” is the refrain. Thunderstorms took out the first day of qualifying. Yesterday they managed to get off two races early in the morning for each of the four qualifying groups of 55 boats.
Then then wind died for the day – rather than make it’s usual mid day switch from the north to the south. Today they managed to get two more qualifying races in for each of the four groups in conditions that started out nuclear going to glass. There were a number of broken masts in the 25 to 28 knot conditions experienced by the first two groups to race at 8:30 am.
Better, but very flukey conditions ( big holes on the race course ) for the second group. Another attempt was made to get another race in this afternoon but this was abandoned as the wind completely shut off. So how does this leave Zack? He’s in P135 with a 41, 28, (43), 23 in his four qualifying heats. That should put him into Silver fleet – just. First start tomorrow isn’t until 1 pm so perhaps the weather system that has played havoc with the regatta has passed through.