MAYDAY alert via satellite from 11’19.876S 112’23.973W @21.07.2017 0030UTC came in 1 hr ago via friends of Jørgen Emmerik Andersen and Anna Viera on S/V Restless.
If anyone is sailing in the vicinity please help them them out.
MAYDAY MAYDAY, SY Restless OSLO with Anna Viera and Jorgen Emmerik Andersen on board are slowly sinking in the south Pacific ocean, 11’19.876S 112’23.973W @21.07.2017 0030UTC. We have a crack of about 60cm in length in front of the keel, where the mast base is located, no visible crack on the inside of the boat, it must be under the stringers.. . I have been diving and trying to fix the leak with epoxy sticks unfortunately not working, to reduce the leak we have tied a tarp from side to side under the boat.
The 3 electrical bilge pumps are not working great so we have disconnected the raw water intake from the engine and connected a hose so we can pump out the water quickly.. We have contacted via Satellite phone HRS Sola Norway and they have issued a mayday to vessels within 600nm of our location. VHF DSC Mayday has been sent. Other than being really bummed and sad, we are doing well. Keeping her afloat until rescue comes, so please share so we can get to safety.
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