high n' low

July 19 at 3:27pm · Chicago, IL ·
7/18/2017 High Priority 2 Update
A long day on the water, 13 hours later she is floating upside down at a commercial ship yard in Milwaukee. 2 boats and 4 able body seamen ; David (boat owner/skipper) myself, Pete and Gary from Tow Boat US were not able to right her 20 miles offshore in 400 feet of water.
Carbon fiber mast is broken, code o damaged,screecher damaged, main, jib and spinnaker destroyed. Most of the sails and rigging were removed offshore. Some untangled, some cut way.
Pete and I spent most of the morning in the water clearing lines , removing sails, rigging and what was left of the mast. David and Gary hoisted the gear aboard Petes trawler.
We made every effort possible per manufactures guide lines to right the Corsair 31 .
I believe it’s possible but Pete exhausted his air supply and was unable to continue diving. Approximately 12 feet of mast and 3/4th of the main sail are still attached. With this much drag from below she will not flip back over when towed backwards.
So after 8 hours of towing her on her back, we will right High Priority2 in the a.m
– Jim Goempel