On Saturday 3rd June, 53 inflatable dinghies lined up for the 4th edition of the TIWAL Cup in the Gulf of Morbihan (France) – an annual event for fans. Participants came from the United States, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malta, Sweden and all over Europe to take part in this fun and sporting challenge.
The bags are lined up on the beach. 53 TIWALs are ready for the assembly challenge.The designer and co-founder of TIWAL Marion Excoffon, starts the clock. They’re off! Double and single-handed, 85 people get down to work: opening bags, inflating the hulls, assembling and setting the sails. 6 minutes 28, Mélanie and Grégory beat the double-handed assembly world record. 10 minutes 41 single-handed for Gilles.
The 53 boats set off for a morning of quiet navigation between the islands in the Golfe du Morbihan in almost no wind. During a friendly, sun-filled lunch on the island of Arz, Vincent gives the start for the TIWAL Kid’s Cup: “For this 4th edition, we wanted to include the children more and offer them their mini competition.” This is a serious business for the 10 to 16-year-olds. Following the victory of Marine and Salomé, the wind picks up and the TIWAL Cup gets underway again in sportier conditions. “We had a slight wind in the morning, but conditions in the afternoon were a little sportier. With all of its islands and currents, the Gulf is a very interesting venue and a wonderful stretch of water!”comments Mélinda from New Zealand.
On returning to the port, the TIWALs are packed up and loaded into car boots. The day ends with a prize-giving ceremony and drinks, an opportunity to discuss the day’s sailing.