Ah yes, another old shitter ULDB getting a makeover…hmmm, where have we read about something similar….?  An Olson 40 gets redone, from our forums…
My wife bought me this boat for my 60th birthday. My friend Steve Brown and his excellent crew at Finco Fabrication, in Santa Ana CA, has done all the work. Here is a video from Wednesday, July 12 2017. I had been gone on a road trip for almost 4 weeks, and I was and continue to be very, very happy with the work done.
All the workers are very proud of what they are doing, they were very excited to show it off.
On deck, what looks to be inconsistent color of the deck is just because most of the boat is covered by a sun shade which is netting. The color is perfect. All the paint and varnish is amazingly well done. Even things like the inside of the lazarette, underneath the bunks, and inside the man overboard tubes in the transom have been sanded smooth, painted, and, wherever its gloss, has been wet sanded to a mirror finish.
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