over rover

It all over for us, well almost. In the Molokai Channel, wind 25-30 and typical seas for here, large and lumpy. As a team, we’ve come a long way. We will have to see how the standing turn out. The boat is a trip, like nothing I’ve sailed before. Getting aboard with not knowing anyone involved was something I’d never done in the past. It has worked out.
I’ve got to experience some of the gnarliest, and most fun driving ever. Everyone aboard learned and worked hard and our 7 day crossing was better than the last Transpac the yacht did in 2007. Not one of the most comfortable yachts ever, a shower and a bed with sheets and air conditioning is high on my list right about now. We should be tied up at the dock for our welcome party by 1400 HST…a perfect time to finish.
The race behind us continues. In the big monohull class, Invisible Hand crushed it. She finished a bit in front of us. Other than Camanche and Rio she was the only monohull that beat us in. In the sleds, Pyewacket was in the lead today but still has another day of sailing with Catapult and Grand Illusion sailing fast close behind. Resolute, the well sailed J125 was dominating the class this AM with the Rodgers 46 and ex Criminal Mischief nipping close behind.
Horizon once again dominated, challenged by a few 52’s early on and then pulling out the stops and doing their usual Horizon job. Locomotive was in front of her class. Our friends on Dark Star, a Hobie 33 from Canada had the lead of her grouping but was being pressed by a J-105 very hard. I have to believe that the nod will go to the Hobie as surfing conditions are in front of them for the next few days.
As we stand poised to finish, some boats have days left on the course and for some that time on the Pacific is a dream come true after months of preparation. One of my past owners summed Transpac up well saying; ‘if you consider yourself an offshore sailor here on the West coast you must do a Transpac’
Wish everyone still on the course, safe travels and big downwind breeze
s/v Loe Real