pulled it off

Okay, this was going to be incredibly lame: The National Anthem at a skipper’s meeting?? Well, it is Fresno Yacht Club after all. Btw, have they heard of HD up there? But then, like always, rock guitars came to the rescue! A bit more feedback and distortion would have nailed it. Flea did an awesome job with his bass guitar at a Laker game…
This video is from the first week of the High Sierra Regatta, with weekend two coming up:
The first weekend of the High Sierra Regatta included 133 boats, huge shifts, lulls and puffs and a great Saturday dinner & party. We look forward to the coming weekend and some more exciting racing.
The registration tent will be open from 4 pm until 7 pm.
Friday evening chalk talk
Brian Janney from North Sails will give a presentation starting at 6 pm at the Lakeshore Resort Dance Hall. The Dance Hall bar will be open from 5 pm.
We will operate a water taxi service to Bear Cove and use VHF channel 68 for pick ups.
Sport Boat Fleet
Several of the invited classes failed to meet the 5 boat minimum for a one-design start, so we are creating a Sport Boat fleet which will use the Northern California PHRF base rates. The Sport Boat fleet will start after PHRF A and the Moore 24s. We will also give a trophy to the 1st U20 and Viper as these fleets had 4 boats sign up, which is just darn close to the 5 boat minimum.