this is why we do it

The Hip is alive and apparently very well
It’s 1900 PDT here aboard the Loe Real and in about 48 hours we’ll be slugging down some cold beers and maitai’s @ HYC…hopefully.
The expected multihull battle has concluded and the Mighty Merloe¬†smoked them all. New Transpac record! Sailing Enloe’s previous boat we were rooting for that outcome. Congratulations Howard, Jay, Artie, Will & the French contingent. Our group has no ringers from any European nation, nobody has sailed around the planet multiple times, just a few adventurous sailors looking to step outside of our own comfort zones.
Lucky for us, Loe Real is a simple tri compared with the newer generation ORMA’s like Mighty Merloe and the Mod 70’s like Phaedo and Maserati. We have no side boards, our mast only rotates but does not cant, our centerboard is always down & has no trim tabs and we can’t adjust the angle.
Our skipper Nathan Stanton made a few trips from his home in Oz to deal with the preparations. His wife Jo took care of the business end, his sister Emma and brother in law Clive came in weeks early from NZ and threw themselves into the prep. Our only ringer (if ringer is the right term) is a multihull sailor from Cains, Australia & Cains YC, Wazz (nobody has names down there).
He also came ready and willing to make this experience possible. As did our 2 sailors from Long Beach, John and Paul both regulars on the death star Velos. I spent more than a few days helping also, as boat prep is something I know a thing or too about. Was it last minute? You bet. But we made the start and then things just got more interesting and a shitload more fun.
Fast forward a few days & all our apprehensions and fears gone, we’ve learned a few things about these beasts and we’re all having an experience that we will all remember for a long time to come.
Most maneuvers for us whether sail changes, tacks or gybes are new learning experiences. We’ve been very conservative with the sail plan, especially at night; reefing before necessary, even double reefing that 1st breezy night (@ 25+ kts closer than you would like).
Right now we are pointed at our destination and sailing on an incredibly flat sea with breeze in the high teens, boatspeed hovering about 20 kts and life just doesn’t get any better.
hip out