getting real

Jon Shampain, navigator on the 50′ tri LoReal brings the pain from the racecourse to Hawaii. 
In an hour and a half we will have been on the course for 60 hours and our log shows 930nm. Not bad for a bunch of newbies. It has not come easy. The 1st night the ferrule at our 2nd reef point pulled out in 25 kts, great construction for our new main. Don’t even get me started about about how late it was delivered and in such an unfinished state. If Eric at North hadn’t helped us out a few day before our start, I’d be home in bed now.
Today, right before dark our biggest spreacher tore in 18 kts of breeze doing 20 kts of boat speed. At least it was daylight. A combo of a 2008 production date and some over zealous drivers heating the heading up beyond necessary. Now our sail plan is main and solent…not great for downwind sailing and Hawaii is still on the other gybe just where I left it. And to top it off we’ve picked up some large net or plastic on the centerboard. Not easy to deal with at midnight.
Will it ever end? We managed to furl the headsail and stop the boat and got the lady to go backwards and shed a 20′ line wit 2 floats attached, yea there’s not too much garbage in our oceans and climate change is a hoax. Just ask Twitler.
I think we’ve all become a little less terrified of our beast, dealing with all the problems has gained us all some confidence. Our 0800 position will have us sailing very close to the heading of our destination and by 1330 today we will have been on the course 72 hours and our log should be 1200nm+/- with 1200nm more to go.
While I crow about our trials and successes the real race is going on down course with the 3 trimarans battling with each other and Comanche right there too. Now that I’ve had this opportunity I’m even more impressed with the sailors who have been riding these yachts for years and if anything will help sailing it is this spirit of adventure.
Did I mention that driving these boats is about as much fun as one can have fully clothed?
Later Anarchists
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