black gold

When Hall Spars sadly shuttered their doors last month, I got a heads up that there was an insane amount of inventory left at the factory and all destined for scrap. All of the proprietary gear (mandrels, molds, etc) got shipped to the other Hall operations overseas, but there was some stuff that wasn’t worth shipping so I took a few trips to the factory with the truck and struck black gold.
As expected, there were several pickup loads worth of miscellaneous carbon goodies (endless C-plate, mast-base instrument hangers, new carbon spreaders for Belle Mente, even a large carbon ‘UFO’ labeled ‘Space X..) but the real prize was a stash of carbon masts & standing rigging that went unsold or unclaimed.
Turns out ground transport is pretty expensive for big masts, and I was the only one keen to anti-up! I have no idea what these things are worth on the ‘black’ market, but I just couldn’t let them get cut up and scrapped, so now they are living in my warehouse in Portsmouth, RI and seriously for sale. Not sure what they’re worth, but if you’ve always wanted a carbon stick on that McGregor 26, here’s your chance – make an offer!
Gear list:
x1 new, but unfinished Farr36 mast tube
x1 new, finished Farr36 mast
x1 finished, but broken Farr36 mast
x2 NEW, COMPLETE Beneteau First 34.7 (aka Bene 10R) masts
x1 new, but unfinished 97ft carbon mast tube & boom
x1 aluminum boom (new, unfinished) 19ft long
x1 New, full set Hall Spars SCR (standing carbon rigging) WITH FITTINGS 
x 5 spools (300-400 ft ea?) of new nitronic rod standing rigging (-6 through -40)
x3 spools (100-200ft?) of new Kevlar standing rigging (-10 & -32)
Email me for more details and photos [email protected]