family sedan

So we beat on, boats against the wind. Born ceaselessly to our past.
Thursday dawn was clear and windless in Rainbow Harbor. Many competitors were mooted along the Pine Avenue Pier in Downtown Long Beach. With Maserati, Phaedo3, Mighty Merlot and L’Oreal the scene looked more like Lorient than Long Beach, California.
On board OEX, we had a nice gathering of family and friends to help with last minute items and farewells. Catherine last few months have been a whirlwind of activity getting the boat ready.  We’ve made a few changes and are hopeful to see improvements in all areas.
Our crew is a great mix. We’ve been together off and on for over two decades. Each made significant efforts to get OEX prepared and m extremely grateful for their efforts. Our A watch is Ryan Breymaier,Jib Kelly, Ferdinand Van West and me my son Peter. Our B watch is Randy Smith, Mat Bryant, Erik Berzins and Gino and Gio Morrelli. Our navigator is Dr. Kevin McMeel. Both he and Erik come from the Great White North, so we are assured to have good manners on board.
We are reaching with a JT, stay sail and a reef.  We re-milled our foil shape and the boat is faster through the water but a bit tippy. We are tracking a low road with our class and moving ahead in bearing. We got through the lumpy bumpy last night. It’s good to see a smile on my son’s face again. This is his first Transpac. He toughed it out last night and is now able to smile and keep some food down.
Spirits are high onboard. We dined on freeze dried beef stroganoff. Tomorrow, Chef Pete at Gladstones has prepared a marvelous surf and turf.  This message is being sent through a marvelous device called an IridiumGo which allows you  make calls and emails from your iPhone.
We are looking forward to shaking this reef and putting up the whomper.
Until then standing by from the Mighty OEX