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home stretch

From one of thousands of America’s Cup crazed Kiwis in the forums. Be sure to check back here before racing begins on Saturday for all the latest insider info from the AC Village, where Mr. Clean has been turning over rocks for the last day and a half.

Saturday am.
Less than 24 hours to go. A sleepless and tortured night has just past behind me. I have read local and international news from all manner of formal and blogo-dicks, scanned through twitter, facebook, youtube, scab-butt, sailworld and all the other sail-shit news sites regurgitating the same quotes, theories and speculation. When mashed together with a little salt and milk, they all amount to fuck-all but a tidied up and glued together concoction of posts here on SA with the shits, fucks and cunts edited out.
SA AC Forum is still the best source for the skinny on opinion and links to meaningful tidbits.
Today I have to pretend to the wife that she matters and is the center of my world. It’ll be ok, I think I can fool her for at least the next 60 hours or so. I’ll get back to marriage next week or the week after. The lawn is long, the garden unattended. The sailboat sits down at the marina growing green shit on the toe-rails and no doubt the dock lines have worn half way through. I don’t give a fuck. It doesn’t affect the outcome of the AC.
This is my world. A world of loathing and obsession. Don’t distract me, I’m dangerous and capable clawing through broken glass to stay alert, supportive and up to date on the only thing that matters in my pathetic little world. Fuck ISIS, Trump, Brexit, elections, Syria, hunger and the fucktards that keep blowing shit up in Belgium.
AC lives matter.