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5878155.jpg.857142c9ade45a84f9ea0a18dfd1647a.jpgIf you’ve got time on your hands and a willingness to live the multihull hippie lifestyle, SA’er ‘multihuler’ has a proposal for you!
Check this out: A former Race 2 Alaska competitor wants to go bigger, and needs minions to assemble and prep his fleet of multihulls for a wide range of pursuits.  The boats include a 40′ carbon Antrim offshore race cat, a vintage 34′ Gougeon trimaran, a Reynolds 33 cat, a 38′ cruising trimaran, and a Newick trimaran powerboat/tender to carry your passports.
He writes: “I will consider any race, anywhere, but prefer the East Coast to gather the fleet. My only funding is barely enough to support the boats.  Preferred crew are self-sufficient, have extra time on their hands, willing to help with media campaign for future sponsorship (video/writing/social media experience helpful)…First choice is to gather the fleet in North Carolina this summer or fall.
“I like the R2AK, Ft. Lauderdale-Miami, any Cuba race, and prefer to train and cruise the Bahamas in between.  Yes, I am a multihull addict and I am running out of time.”
In other words, work your ass off on some quick, cool boats, and race and cruise whenever you’re not fixing something!  Join the commune and get lodging at no cost and expenses if sponsors are found.
Find him on Facebook or pick this interesting dude’s brain in the thread.