My Santa Cruz 33 project is moving right along. The good folks at Shelter Island Boatyard just finished putting a very nice Pettit Vivid White bottom on the boat. They did a great job and went out of their way to make sure that we were happy. This is the fourth boat they’ve done bottom jobs for me – I highly recommend them. And there is nothing like a white finish!
So now we head back to our slip to refinish the deck and lay down all our new Selden gear – winches, vang, blocks, traveller, etc. Super excited to see how it all looks and functions, we think it is a great way to update and modernize an older boat’s deck gear. Maybe even make it fun to sail!
You may notice that the boat is floating high; that’s because we pulled hundreds and hundreds of pounds of weight from down below, please don’t tell PHRF Dago on me.)  No, it is floating high because you may have noticed there is no rig in it. Due to my lack of due diligence when I bought the boat, I noticed that the replacement rig that the previous owner put in the boat had a Strong Man external track for a cruising mainsail. No biggie I thought, they come right off. Yes they do, but when we removed it, we discovered there no no bolt rope groove in the mast extrusion at all!
The rig had clearly been built for cruising, it was painted a horrible brown color and rather than throw a lot of money at re-rigging and painting, we decided to have Selden build us an aluminium, non tapered, single spreader standard configuration mast and boom. (Please start the rumor now that it is a 3′ taller carbon rig that I painted silver so that they wouldn’t notice.)
We weren’t planing on this expense at all, but we’ll be happier in the long run, no doubt.
Thanks to B&G guru Artie Means of Waypoint Racing, we are going with a new B&G instrument package that is simple and basic. Artie is the best and we are stoked to look at the B&G numbers that will confirm that we are indeed sailing a 5ksb.
More later! – ed.