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In what might be the ultimate metaphor for Russell Coutts’ management of the America’s Cup, we received yet another advertisement on Monday disguiseed as a press release.  In it, ACEA touted their amazing new media boat platform – the strange-looking XO powerboat, which would provide ‘unequalled dignity’ (or some similarly worded crap) for the handful of media granted accreditation at the event.  More non-news from an event that seems completely incapable of producing anything interesting at all (other than the racing) despite having some of the most interesting racers and yachts to ever compete on the water..
Something about the boat looked familiar though, and after a couple of hours trolling through the forums and Facebook, I found out why: Because an Official Media Boat loaded with Official Accredited Media had to be beached on a launch ramp after sinking in the savage waters of Bermuda’s lagoon just a couple of weeks ago!
Watch the boat sinking here.  And if you’re a sponsor looking for exposure, a prospect for an XO boat, or anyone thinking of getting on an ACEA media boat, beware!