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The Cape Horn notebook is truly something special, an item that lets sailors keep their passion close, even on land. We’ve all seen the countless different reincarnations of recycled sails made into bags, wallets, hats, or some other riff on fabric. Cape Horn notebooks reimagine the possibilities of recycled sails into a notebook that is truly useful in everyday life. This little item makes a great gift for a sailor, and it is so well designed and useful you’ll find yourself ordering an extra for yourself as well.
It’s rare to find a product that feeds your interests and is also useful in all aspects of your life. You can’t say that about most gadgets that fall under the keywords of “gifts for a sailor.” I mean, imagine taking your cool new thermal camera into the office…it just doesn’t work.
The Cape Horn notebook looks and feels exactly like a traditional black notebook, but also contains fragments of a sails that have traveled all the way to the southernmost tip of South America, and a cute little rope inspired bookmark.
We have one and they are bitchin! Order up and get a 30% Father’s Day discount!