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survivor: bermuda edition

For anarchist ‘minimum fuss’ the America’s Cup is more reality show than sporting event. Why, you ask?  Here are his episode notes: 
This AC is shaping as the next version of Survivor, but with no hot chicks in badly fitting bikinis.
ETNZ was outvoted before the first episode, and had to play by themselves on an Island far away.
France tried to charm their way into the next round but were voted off the island.
Oracle won immunity in the round robins but made an alliance with Japan.
Angry Ben and Percy are providing much entertainment but aren’t playing nice and are copping penalties.
It rained and blew and boats became see through, but the good bits got blurred out.
Burling got a hug from his Mum after breaking the tribe’s boat and losing them valuable points in one of the challenges.
ETNZ are hoping for a care package from home after running out of parts.
As we head to the merge it looks like there will be a blindside from Japan.
This is reality TV at its best, but viewer numbers are rumoured to be way down due to technical problems getting video off the island…