take two

Instead of starting a band in high school, buddies Ron and Bob spent their misspent youth sailing an old, yellow home-designed catamaran. Taking ownership  of said vessel in 2009, Bad Kitty was updated and cleaned up just enough to prevent the authorities from questioning her seaworthiness. Our adventures on Bad Kitty are numerous and memories blend together.
One undeniable memory in our 20 plus years of sailing history is last year’s Race to Alaska.  The attitude and approach of R2AK organizers resonated with us, so we naturally applied and prepared for something we had never done before. Sailing for 750 miles, 24-7, with no outboard or support was difficult but we were up for the challenge. Until the end of our race, we enjoyed some of the best sailing we have ever experienced.
Disappointed to end our run to Ketchikan near Port Hardy, we are headed back for more. Our dual pedal drives and improved solar charging systems are a few of the upgrades we have made since last year. Returning with Ocean Rodeo suits and renewed vigor, we’re going for it and won’t settle for the ‘steak knives’. While there is so much at play in an event like this, our previous attempt gives us well-needed experience and the taste for more.
We have circumnavigated Vancouver Island 6 times, in every kind of condition with every kind of broken part but have always found a way to MacGyver a fix and keep going. We are ready for this do-over and to fill the hole in Bad Kitty’s infamous resume.
Editor note: For the past three years Fisheries Supply and Ocean Rodeo have been enabling this MacGyver mentality by offering discounts to racers. And we thank you for that.