how to steal a ship

Not sailing, but in the world of President Twitler, new economies will surface. You’re welcome.
In 2013, Professor Todd Humphries of the University of Texas made news by demonstrating how he could “takeover” navigation of a large yacht by co-opting its navigation system with false GPS signals. Even though the captain and crew knew what was going to happen, the vessel was out of sight of land and the changes in course were too subtle for them to detect.
In the most recent edition of the Institute of Navigation’s Journal “Navigation” Professor Humphries and a colleague explain over the course of 16 pages how it was done. From the paper’s abstract:
“An attacker’s ability to control a maritime surface vessel by broadcasting counterfeit civil Global Positioning System (GPS) signals is analyzed and demonstrated. The aim of this work is to explore civil maritime transportation’s vulnerability to deceptive GPS signals and to develop a detection technique that is compatible with sensors commonly available on modern ships. It is shown that despite access to a variety of high-quality navigation and surveillance sensors, modern maritime navigation depends crucially on satellite navigation and that a deception attack can be disguised as the effects of slowly-changing ocean currents …”
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