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Massive shoutout to sharp-eyed crew of Volvo 60 Esprit De Corps IV Charlotte Rousellot, who gets the second Sailor Chick of the Week award this week for her part in the rescue of the crew of the Bermudian racer Monterey when they abandoned their 56 footer during the recent Antigua Bermuda Race. “After five days sailing day and night, the 60-foot monohull had just crossed a long and frustrating zone of weak winds when an orange glow appeared on the horizon,” writes Tristan Peloquin, who says that Rousselot first thought the first flare she saw was a burning ship before realizing what it was and waking the rest of the crew.  Amazingly the V60 had a journalist from Canada’s La Presse aboard, and the result is some of the best boat-on-boat rescue footage we’ve ever seen, as you’ll note in the video above.
We think (but we’re not positive) that this is Charlotte’s Facebook Page if you want to give her some props…if we’re wrong, apologies to the good looking sailing chick at the link.  Thanks to our friend Francois Silvestre for the heads up, and thanks to E.B. White for one of the world’s best childrens’ stories (and a great treatment for juvenile epilepsy).