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Big Pimpin’
Racing multihulls are continually setting new performance benchmarks, with the fastest trimarans likely to be covering 1,000 miles in a day within the next decade. Now imagine putting this kind of performance into a superyacht. Even with a 25kt cruising speed, 10-15kt slower than that of the speediest maxi-trimarans, this still equates to 600 mile-days or an ARC crossing of just 4.5 days – substantially quicker even than, say, Rambler 88’s ARC record of 8d 6h…
Such feats will be possible with the new BlackCat catamarans, conceived by multihull legend Mitch Booth and penned by Malcolm McKeon, one of the world’s foremost sailing superyacht designers.
Currently available in 35 by 14.3m and 50.4 by 18.5m versions, the BlackCats meld state-of-the-art engineering and design with high-tech composite construction, the end result being an unprecedented combination of luxury and performance. As Mitch Booth explains: ‘It is the natural evolution of materials, engineering and structures. You have to build a multihull like this in composites if you want it to perform.’ More here.