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Perhaps our favorite picture of the crazy Artemis vs. ETNZ match yesterday comes from Matt Knighton/Softbank Team Japan; have a look at Glenn Ashby’s cheek as the bike boat cruises by Artemis at the finish – a classic end to one of the best AC races we’ve ever watched.
The debate rages on about the Port/Starboard heard around the world; AC Head Umpire Richard Slater did something you NEVER see in professional sports for obvious reasons (and that will probably bite him in the ass later); he admitted they may have made a mistake, but won’t change ‘field-of-play’ calls.  New Zealand’s fans are fine with ‘Hollywood’ Burling’s effective flop and win, and Artemis and Oracle fanboys are foaming at the mouth.  Wanna wade in to the morass?  Here’s already 300+ posts on one of several AC Anarchy threads about the incident.
Artemis vs. New Zealand rematch today for those who can get it.  If you haven’t been able to watch the great racing and average commentary, we’ve heard a rumor some smart folks have some ideas in here.