strange duck

As the R2AK start time approaches quickly, attached is a pic of my ride. I’m thinking of it as the ideal vehicle for extended water camping and voyaging. Not as light as a rowing shell (no easy portaging), but much more capable, and comfortable, when coastal cruising.
It’s an Angus Rowcruiser, slightly modified for my own measurements, and according to my sailing experiences. Its sailing capacities are slightly upgraded, with better controls, and more serious fittings. The smaller main hatch allows mounting the solar panel (which is powering mainly the autopilot) on the main hull. It rows at 3 knots and sails at 6-7, without pushing anything. It tracks very well, and has a very decent tacking angle, close to 90 degrees. Sleeping and resting in it is actually the most comfortable part, while sailing is pretty much full on dinghy sailing, with not much room for leg stretching.
Updates will be posted here.┬áDeeper on that page is also a lot of information about the built and more boat details. – Anarchist Joachim.
Strange Duck indeed, but we bet it is a good choice for that crazy-ass race. – ed