fun ton

Rán [pronounced rahn], an Esse 750 fractional sloop, #30 of 35, built in 2016 and the only Esse in the US, splash-landed in San Diego last month with new owner John and Tracy Downing.
A 24’ Swiss manufactured two-person lake racer, the boat is constructed with a carbon hull, deck, mast, boom, and rudder, weighing in at around 2116 pounds.
Esse Boats collaborated with Italian designer Umberto Felci on the design as they did with their 850 and 990 models.
Rán is the name of the long, black-haired Viking goddess known for dragging sailors to their death in her net, down to her palace beneath the sea (she is also known among the Viking gods as throwing the best parties, and who can blame her for wanting sailors as her party guests?).
How will this lake racer handle large wakes from military ships, ocean tidal currents, and salt-water spray? Locals can look for her racing debut during the popular San Diego Bay Beer Can Series. They started off with a very respectable 4th in class tonight against the Flying Tiger 10s – who finished 1-2 – and a Melges 32 in 3rd. 
— Mary Hardy