kids, don't do it!

Mothers, don’t let your kids become sailmakers! It will condemn to a life of racing, sailing and having the times of their lives. And they may never escape!
OneSails Australasia hosted the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club youth development squad at the Fremantle loft on Saturday where we designed, cut and made two jibs as part of their youth development program.
These young sailors saw the technology involved in the design process and the sophisticated machinery used to manufacture a high quality product. The youth squad signed the sails upon completion with one to be displayed at the club and one to be raffled to raise money for the youth program.
“This was an amazing opportunity for our young sailors and their parents to see firsthand the process involved in making a sail from the design to completion” said Suzzi Ghent at RFBYC.
Paul Eldrid, Director of OneSails Australasia added “it was great to host these enthusiastic young sailors and for them to see not all sails arrive in a box from overseas”.
OneSails Australasia is looking forward to working with the Youth Program in the future and following the progress and successes of these young sailors.