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Big Pimpin’
Marine trailerable pocket cruisers are modern designs created by the well known builder and designer Jerry Montgomery. The boats and built using the best materials and construction methods, creating boats that are easily trailered, rigged and sailed. The Sage 15, SageCat and Sage 17 are sophisticated enough for experienced sailors that might be downsizing, but simple enough for a beginner.The SageCat is a modern catboat rigged 15’ cabin boat with a daggerboard featuring a 220# ballast bulb and a fathead main.
Excelling in light winds and having the ballast to sail confidently in sporting conditions the SageCat provides the simplicity of a single sail and the performance of a modern design. With a rotating mast and exceptional keel shape the SageCat goes to weather equally well as the sloop rigged boats in her class.
The hull and deck are constructed of fiberglass and vinylester using the resin infusion method. The cabin has aSagen adult sized v-berth with no obstructions with the daggerboard down. Sitting headroom is provided on two seats. With over twelve cubic feet of storage and the portable toilet SageCat is perfect for a daysail and extensive cruising.
Sage 15 sloop has the same deck, cabin, hull and daggerboard as the SageCat … difference is she is a sloop. For those that like sloops this is the boat for you. An excellent day sailor or cruiser the Sage 15 provides for those that like ‘pulling strings’ and the versatility of the marconi rig.
Sage 17 is the big sister of the fleet. She has a 7/8th marconi rig with uppers, lowers, single spreaders and a backstay. A shoal keel and a centerboard have a combined 520 pounds of ballast providing exceptional righting moment and seaworthiness. The deck is made using carbon fiber for strength and light weight. As with the Sage 15 and SageCat the cabin is obstruction free with a v-berth, two cabin seats and portable toilet. Sage 17 is a performer in all wind conditions.
All the boats come standard with solid teak exterior wood that enhance the classic looks of the molded lapstrake hulls. The cabin interiors also feature hardwood accents. All trailers are fully galvanized and come standard with a spare tire and bearing buddies for worry free road travel. Many options are available and Sage Marine will work with you to create a sailboat fitted to your sailing and cruising style.
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