crash and not burn

52 blueIt was not my plan to write about TP52s for this month’s issue but not to mention the collision between Sled and Gladiator in race two of the 52 Super Series Miami Royal Cup when you just witnessed the damaged boats coming in is difficult.
The TP52 organisers cover all the bases… so naturally round two of the 2017 Super Series in Miami had perfect conditions with Azzurra, pictured left, taken by Ingrid Abery, winning comfortably to take the series lead as the fleet heads to Europe. Peter Holmberg is now driving Ergin Imre’s Turkish entry Provezza which after a fourth in Key West maintained her consistency to finish third in Miami in spite of being the only boat in the top six not to win a race
Ever since September 2010 the first beat of the final race at the MedCup event in Cagliari, when All4One failed to duck Bribón and crashed into her, we have not seen a crash of anywhere near this magnitude. The Gladiator-Sled incident is amazingly similar to the one in 2010. In Miami the waves were bigger, Sled was travelling a bit faster and landed more on top of Gladiator – in fact, she did not even break her bobstay whereas in 2010 All4One had her bobstay slicing through Bribón as a wire through the cheese till the bobstay finally gave way.
The impact this time was such that the runner winch with half its pod came off the deck of Gladiator and Sled kept going far enough into her for her bowsprit to just miss the legs of owner/driver Tony Langley and rip the starboard steering wheel from his hands. This was only the boat’s second race, after changing ownership and going from Interlodge to Gladiator.
A bad day at the office for both teams is an understatement. Read on.