"i'll take the car, jim"

teslaThe Park City Sailing Association in Park City, Utah is celebrating it’s tenth season with a massive fundraiser. Park City Sailing (PCSA) served over 1,500 sailors in 2016 from kids to adults, beginners to experts, abled bodied to adaptive sailors. We’re continuing our efforts to grow the sport and to make sailing accessible to all. This fundraiser will greatly support our efforts for more infrastructure in new, safer docks, as well as the beginnings in a capital fund to build a new building.
The fundraiser reflects our efforts to be sustainable with an all electric Tesla or a J70 with a Torqueedo motor. If the donation goal of $125,000 is reached, the winner will have their choice of a Tesla Model S 75D, or a fully equipped J70, or $50,000 in cash. Support a great sailing cause and you may just walk or sail away with a new ride! There will be a winner no matter what. In the chance that we don’t reach the goal to award one of the grand prizes, we’ll split the net donations 50/50 with the winner so somebody is walking away happy. Hopefully that is you!
Jump in for your chance to win!