two sheets to the wind

3 sheets to the wind
We thought you’d enjoy this. The ONE Palma team repaired a OneSails Gennaker with a bed sheet from the boat ON the water during the Palma Vela regatta in the Med this weekend. The boat is Cuordisole, a Swan 601. Here’s the story: On the last day of Palma Vela we had two windward leeward races. On the second downwind leg of the first race, we managed to rip the kite and ended up finishing that race with a 2-3m2 hole.
After the finish, we had about 25 minutes before the second race start, which was enough to come up with the idea of using two bed sheets from onboard. That with some double sided tape to cover the hole and fiberglass tape to reinforce the cotton bed sheet got us to the end of the race with no more issues. And it’s still there!