you hit a shark?

Laura and Jennah have been kiting for a couple months and are starting to get the hang of staying upwind. As a kind of celebration of getting “over the hump” we thought it would be rad for them to do their first downwinder. BK volunteered to lead the group from Virginia Key down around Key Biscayne, across the flats down to soldier key, about 10 miles total.
In retrospect it was probably a little ambitious for a first downwinder, but go big or go home. Coming around the tip of Key Biscayne, I was in the power boat shooting the group and suddenly I see Laura faceplant hard and loop her kite into BK’s. Total mess. Lines everywhere. The water was way too shallow for me to reach them, so they were on their own.
Finally when they got their gear sorted and continued on their way, I learned that they actually ran into a shark. Laura was a good sport about it….but I doubt we’ll be getting her to do another downwinder here anytime soon!