Photos of the start of the  NOSA 2017 Newport To Ensenada Newport Beach, CA
The  Newport to Ensenada race suffered yet another beating. Besides the two big trimarans that ripped down the course in mere hours, the wind shut off,  making the  race a washing machine that eliminated 44 of the 133 actual race boats (cruising and short course boats don’t count) that finished. Of course the weather can’t be controlled, but karma can be a bitch. Here’s a little report from one of the survivors…
I’m happy to report that Team Warrior survived the wet, wild and windy 2017 Newport to Ensenada race. This year, I had an unbelievable crew of Ken Cooper, Paul Galvez and Ian Fournier. Everyone had a great time steering and Paul took the Ensenada Hat prize helming to our top speed of 16.4 knots. We saw strong winds and confused seas with big waves for most of the race, especially at night.

The morning caught us with almost 2 hours of drifting that then turned into a 35 knot gust right on the nose about 13 miles from the finish. We sailed for 2 hours with the main completely down and storm jib only. Despite the crazy conditions Team Warrior still managed to salvage a 3rd in our class (PHRF C).
Additional thanks to John Scarano — wish you were able to make it and for securing our MOM8 unit (actually thought we might need it this time). Jeff Bunce, Dan Bunce and Tyler Peyatt for helping get the boat on the trailer and mast down, and Sam Hatch for hours of “getting the boat ready”. Next year: “We gotta get a bigger boat :)”