president fuck you

trump-winnerThose of us who lived through the massive oil spill off Santa Barbara in 1969, know all too well the hideous environmental damage offshore oil rigs can cause. And anybody not clinically insane or sucking the teat of Big Oil, knows that drilling off near pristine and sensitive marine areas like Southern California is a terrible idea. Not Orange Foolius. He hasn’t seen an environmental law or protection that hasn’t tried to gut.
It isn’t enough that this treasonous, lying whore for big business wants to savage virtually every protection of the land, air and water, now this so-called president wants to plunder the oceans for oil in a time when it is cheap, plentiful and completely unnecessary to do so. Why? That he is an asshole is beyond doubt, but he really wants to give a ‘fuck you’ to everything President Obama worked so hard to protect – the very things that we sailors care about perhaps more than anyone else.
The good news coming out of this insanity is that California is responding with it’s own ‘fuck you’!
So next time you righties cheer for president twitler, just remember what little regard he has for our planet. And use your brain next time you vote.