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Screenshot 2017-04-29 09.50.37Mariners in Rhode Island seem to be channeling their inner redneck this week, with USCG buoy tender Ida Lewis discovering the second shot-up-and-sunk navigational buoy this week sitting in a few feet of water near Block Island.

The crew was conducting regular aids-to-navigation maintenance when they approached Clay Head buoy number 7 and found it submerged. They raised the 12,000-pound buoy and found a sight much more likely in the Florida panhandle than the liberal elite enclave of New England: 20 bullet holes in a government mark.

The can – Clay Head # 7 – marks a rock 3 feet below the surface, and sits in a busy area for ferries and recreational craft, and due to the damage, the buoy was taken out of service for repairs.  And while shooting shit is fun and plenty anarchic, anything that might cause a family to wreck on a rock probably ain’t even remotely cool.

So to the Patriots fan killing marks off Block Island, do yourself a favor before you get busted and charged with a felony – Find an old Laser or Sunfish to drag out on the water as a target toy.  Play Rambo with something that deserves an ignominious death rather than something that keeps people alive.

And if you saw these jerkoffs shooting big green and you don’t mind being a Narc, call The Man and let him know.