transparently not

black-mirrorWorld Sailing President Kim Anderson ran on a platform of transparency and working better with Member National Authorities. One wonders why then that World Sailing is making an issue out of the US Sailing app not being geo-blocked. Yes, behind the scenes World Sailing is making a case out of the fact a free app, which provides pretty limited, basic information is such a threat to the World Sailing monopoly. It is hard to know exactly what motives World Sailing and their various positions, but it can probably be summed up this way – Follow the money. And read US Sailing’s letter to WS here.
What this means is that if you access the rule book via the US Sailing app, and if World Sailing is successful in forcing US Sailing, and every other MNA, to geo-block their apps, every time you go to a regatta in another country, the rule book that you paid for will not be accessible. Leave from Newport and end up in Bermuda, sorry, no app for you. Live in the US and sail in the St. Barth’s Bucket, Antigua, St. Maarten or BVI. Nada. You have to lug around a paper version. Alternatively, you can go right to the World Sailing site and access the rules there, so what on earth is the big deal about geo-blocking an app that also has the rules?
The questions then are these: Why isn’t US Sailing going public with this problem? Will US Sailing sue World Sailing? Why does World Sailing think geo-blocking an app from an MNA will help “make sailing stronger”, as President Anderson likes to use as his tagline. What about all that transparency you promised President Anderson? Discuss here.