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cats in the cradle

Screenshot 2017-04-24 11.24.34Italian cat sailor Vittorio Malingri long ago proved himself a certified nutter, setting the singlehanded beach cat record for the Senegal to Guadeloupe transatlantic route back in 2008 at around 13 days.  It’s the same route that certified French nutters Benoit Lequin and Pierre-Yves Moreau did in 11 1/2 days on their beach cat, and for Vittorio, beating their doublehanded time was a challenge he decided to take on with family.
The duo of Nico and Vittorio smashed the record on Saturday, taking more than ten hours off the Frenchies record at an average of just under 10 knots.  Sick stuff, and check out the team’s Facebook page for more photos, videos, and stories (in italian) about their effort. Bravo Ragazzi!
Title shout to fathers and sons everywhere who do cool shit together, and thanks to SA’er “M26” for the tip.