they need duff man

Duff_Stadium.pngNobody discounts anything if it is in demand. Yet, the America’s Cup is offering their grandstand tickets at half price for one day only.
Might people be getting a whiff that this dog and pony show ain’t gonna be quite what the promoters say it is? After all, when they falsely state that the AC 50′ cats (a mere 5′ longer than the almost boring 45′ ‘training cats) are “the fastest boats in America’s Cup history”,  the bullshit detectors start to go on alert.
We’re pretty sure it will all be very underwhelming and not unlike anything you can see in a number of multihull events like the so-called Extreme Series, or the GC 32’s, etc. Hopefully it will be full of NASCAR action like close racing and crashes and breakdowns and angry hillbillies – wait, cancel that last one.
Although it remains to be seen, we expect the closing sentiment will be “that was the America’s Cup?