sneaker pimps

sneaker pimpsBummed out that you can’t make it to Bermuda for the America’s Cup? Disappointed that you won’t be paying exorbitant prices on everything from airfare to hotel to meals and drinks? (well, everything except AC grandstand tickets)
Not to worry, bro. You can get your fill of the arrogance, disconnect and overpriced experiences, thanks to Louis Vuitton! Holdovers from the America’s Cup days of yore, LV offers some of the most hideous, insanely priced “America’s Cup” apparel ever!
We present you with today’s offering – this will be a weekly exercise – the LV Fastlane Sneakers. ¬†Ugly as any shoe ever created, these are sure to disappoint on every level, except one: How much they cost.
Wow your friends when you roll up in your $850 dollar LV kicks, yo! Mothafuckas be like “Damn son, where you get them ugly mothafuckas, KMart”? You be like, “Shit fool, these here is some bad ass Louis Viton’s, boy!” If you do that, be prepared to get your ass kicked.
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