new low

cletusLeave it to a particular “genius” PR hack and the do-nothing NOSA officials to take the Newport to Ensenada race to an all-time low of 164 verified entries at the entry deadline. There are a few still pending, but in the best case scenario they are around 30 below last year’s 211 entries. Already, 10 boats have withdrawn.
The only difference between this year and last? Last year SA worked with them to promote the race as much as we could, and even participated in the race (missing first overall in PHRF by 25 seconds; see 25 second shit box).
But said “genius” attempted to bullshit us with his vast (nonexistent) knowledge of how to better promote the race. Think what you will about us, but there is no disputing our reach and enthusiasm when it comes to promoting a race like this.
Imagine being so delusional that you think your race will get more entries without us. Well fuck me, how did that work out, “genius”? One thing that was accomplished is that whatever esteem that we used to hold for the venerable N2E has now been eliminated, and as long as this clown is involved, we’ll never promote nor sail in the race again.
If this race is going to be left to people in charge who don’t know shit from shinola, we’ll just stand here and watch it burn to the ground.
Title inspiration thanks to Middle Class Rut