the age of innocence

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 11.17.47 AMSanti Lange’s astonishing Rio success in the Nacra 17 at a spry 56 years of age has inspired a whole raft of age-impaired sailors to come back and show the world that 50 is just the beginning, but even we were surprised that 81-year old Silver medalist (Tokyo, 1964) Keith Musto is launching a fully-funded campaign to return to Japan to take gold more than a half a century after his medal run.  From the news release:
Being such a dominant figure in the history of sailing, the British Sailing Team also dismissed reports of unrest amongst team members at the news of his return, with some reported to be nervous at the thought of Keith taking their spot. To claim gold in Tokyo, the team will need power, experience and precision – and Keith Musto ticks every box, despite the fact he will be almost 85 years old by the time the Tokyo Olympics take place.
Keith said: “It’s an exciting opportunity for me to return to the water and aim to go back to Tokyo doing what I love – sailing. My age may raise a few eyebrows, but I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team. Bring on the challenge, I can’t wait to get on the foiling Nacra 17 later this year.  Age shouldn’t be a barrier – the older I get, the faster I want to go”.
Not only is Keith aiming to become the oldest Olympian ever at Tokyo 2020, but he is also aiming to qualify in the cutting edge Nacra 17. With Musto kit leading from the front, utilising the latest technology to create revolutionary sailing wear, the game may have moved on, but legends do not.